Now that the clocks have gone back an hour, the sun doesn’t rise until much later in the day and the sky is pitch-black by six o’clock. We don’t know about you, but the thought of going outdoors just doesn’t feel quite so appealing anymore. However, we still need to find ways to entertain ourselves and stave off seasonal-affective-disorder. Hence why we have compiled this list of different ways to keep yourself preoccupied while camped out at home this winter. So, if you’re at a loose end and want something to do, keep reading this article for inspiration.
1.) Old Hobbies
Sometimes, as we grow older, we can lose touch with the things we used to love doing as a child and young adult. If you’re uninspired by all other entertainment options, then this is a sign it’s time to go back to your roots – whether that’s painting figurines, learning an instrument, fiddling with gadgets, and so on. You’d be surprised how gratifying it is to restart an old hobby and get in touch with your child-self again.
2.) Home Workouts
Bear with us here. We know that nobody’s idea of fun is exercising (unless you’re a fitness fanatic), but this is actually a really effective way to keep yourself entertained. Your fitness levels decrease during the wintertime because you’re not moving as much or going outside. This can lead to people feeling stuffy and developing cabin fever. You can instantly dispel these feelings by pumping a fresh rush of blood through your body by exercising, however.
3.) Online Gaming
Online gaming has become an increasingly popular form of entertainment over the past few years, especially multiplayer games which you can play with friends or against internet opponents. The social element combined with competitiveness means that time flies. Many people also enjoy visiting a casino online and participating in a game of bingo or watching roulette live.
4.) Binge Watch
The internet means that we can watch our favourite tv shows whenever we want, leading to binge-watching. This is a great pastime – especially when you find a brilliant series that you can’t ever get enough of. Just don’t overdo it with the binge-watching. This can eventually result in you feeling somewhat restless. Some of the popular shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Last Kingdom, Vikings and tons of others are so addictive that you would not stop without finishing them once you started.
5.) Cooking and Baking
There is nothing better than creating something yourself. Even if you’re not very good at cooking or baking, this is definitely a skill you can develop. Experiment with different difficulty levels, make your recipes several times over to refine them and then see what delicious meals you can create. Watching yourself improve over time can be very gratifying. There are many popular YouTube cooking and baking channels which have gained immense popularity due to their their respective skills. Each video that you create remains on the system and helps the channel keep growing.
6.) DIY Projects
Finally, why don’t you start some DIY projects for things they have needed fixing for a while now? This could include anything from repainting the bedroom walls to redesigning the kitchen cabinets. A personal project like this can give you a great sense of purpose.