Sometimes the seller doesn’t know why the account is blocked by this famous merchant. The items in the cart were deleted, and no longer functional. You can now use Amazoker’s Amazon suspension appeal service to complain to Amazon about issues related to the seller’s account. 

Amazon Complaint Form

Amazon’s complaint form sets many rules for buyers and sellers when using this e-commerce platform. When the seller’s account fails to work, the suspended account needs to file an Amazon complaint. Currently, sellers can refer to free complaint forms, or paid Amazon suspension appeal service, and custom forms.

Free Complaints Form

This form is available on the Internet, you can refer to it and add information accordingly. The advantage of the free form is that you don’t have to pay any money. After completing the complaint, the seller will send it to Amazon for review.

You can make your own Amazon complaint without paying a fee, but the success rate is low

Paid complaint form

Unlike the free application form, the paid complaint form is more profound and professional. Accordingly, some options are available, and you will pay for the purpose you need. Usually, the forms are paid for by research experts based on practical experience, so the content is quite complete and accurate. Thus, the success rate of Amazon’s complaint process will be higher.

Custom Complaints Form

The third complaint form is a custom complaint. This level is highly personalized and built to suit the circumstances you’re facing. The form is analyzed by experts in detail as to why the account was suspended. From there, the proposal of a solution as well as the provision of information in the complaint are more accurate and appropriate.

How to Write an Amazon Complaint

Writing an Amazon complaint isn’t hard, but you need to know how to organize the content for a full department. You need to know what the complaint will contain to increase your chances of success. The following are the factors that cannot be ignored in the application:

Purpose of the complaint

To create an effective complaint form, you need to specify the purpose. For example, you’re looking to restore a sales account, clarify the authenticity of a product sold, solve intellectual property issues, etc.Identifying the purpose of the complaint is a prerequisite for helping the complainant get the right focus.

In the complaint, the purpose and reason for the violation must be stated

Reason for violation

The reason for the account being suspended or deactivated is also important. Once you have identified the purpose of your complaint, briefly describe the problem you are currently experiencing. Give the reason honestly and clearly. You shouldn’t blame others when your account is in trouble. 

Action Plan

An extremely important element in the complaint is the action plan. You have to figure out what you want to do to fix the problem. The action plan includes current and future actions. For example, if you want to make a complaint about the authenticity of a product, you need to specify measures such as quality control, supply assurance, and Amazon compliance.

The action plan in the complaint plays a crucial role

Recall the account recovery request 

In the last part of the complaint, you need to mention the account recovery request. Let’s link the content and the reasons above to give an assessment and reiterate the main purpose of the complaint. Be careful and use brief, scientific, and accurate spelling to increase your chances of a successful complaint.

Amazoker: Writing an Amazon complaint is quite easy

The seller can fully write the complaints himself and wait for Amazon to review them. However, your application may not be accepted, with low success rates. Amazoker’s Amazon suspension appeal service is an effective solution, saving you time. The benefits customers receive when using the service are:

Amazoker supports account complaints with high success rates 

  • Successful complaint: As long as you contact Amazoker, the company’s specialists will support you with your complaints until they are successful. You may not know, but the company supported up to 95% of customers unlocking their accounts after being suspended by Amazoker.
  • Cheap: The fee for using the Amazon suspension appeal service is always cheaper than that of other companies on the market. You only pay once, and the staff will help you complain to Amazoker and pay the result in the earliest possible time.
  • Professional process: Customers simply consult the information at and choose the service they want. Amazoker staff will contact you and provide you with all the necessary information.

Amazoker’s Amazon suspension appeal service supports you with Amazon complaints when an account is suspended, banned, or deactivated. Sometimes, if products in the cart are deleted or you want to solve intellectual property issues, you can also contact the company. The experts will support you with your complaint until it succeeds, and the customer only pays a one-time fee.