Natura, a renowned name in the world of fragrances and beauty products, is set to captivate the market with its super launch in Cycle 03/2024. The brand is introducing two new scents: LUNA OUSADIA and EVERY DAY ROMÃ E FLOR DE AMORA, expanding its portfolio with innovative and enticing aromas.

LUNA OUSADIA: A Bold New Addition

The Evolution of the Luna Line

LUNA OUSADIA marks another chapter in the evolving Luna line. Natura seems to be on a mission to continually redefine this collection, and Luna Ousadia is a testament to this effort. While the exact fragrance notes and specifics are yet to be fully disclosed, the anticipation is high. The branding and presentation of Luna Ousadia suggest a continuation of the line’s legacy with a unique twist.

Fragrance Profile and Expectations: Delving into LUNA OUSADIA

Building Intrigue and Anticipation

LUNA OUSADIA represents a new venture within the esteemed Luna series by Natura. Although the full fragrance profile is yet to be revealed, the growing curiosity surrounding this launch is palpable. The Luna line has consistently showcased a diverse array of scents, each distinctively designed to cater to varied preferences and occasions. This heritage sets a high bar for Luna Ousadia.

The Essence of Luna Ousadia

Luna Ousadia is expected to uphold the tradition of its predecessors, offering a fragrance that is both daring and refined. The name ‘Ousadia’, which translates to ‘audacity’ or ‘boldness’ in English, hints at a scent that will likely push the boundaries of conventional perfumery. This fragrance is anticipated to embody a blend of daring notes that captivate and challenge the senses, while maintaining a subtle elegance that is characteristic of the Luna line.

Tailored for Diverse Tastes

Given the Luna series’ history of catering to a wide range of tastes, Luna Ousadia is likely to offer a complex and layered olfactory experience. It might feature unexpected combinations of notes, such as exotic spices paired with delicate florals or bold, rich base notes softened by fresher, lighter top notes. The aim is to create a scent that appeals to those who appreciate a perfume that makes a statement, yet remains sophisticated and wearable for various occasions.

The Olfactory Journey

The journey that Luna Ousadia promises is one of olfactory exploration. Fans of the Luna series and new customers alike can anticipate a fragrance that takes them on a journey through contrasting scents, harmoniously blended to create something truly unique. From the initial burst of aroma to the lingering base notes, each aspect of Luna Ousadia is expected to be meticulously crafted to deliver a memorable and enjoyable fragrance experience.

Setting the Stage for a New Classic

In essence, Luna Ousadia is set to be more than just a new addition to Natura’s fragrance line; it aims to become a new classic within the Luna series. With the promise of combining boldness and subtlety, Luna Ousadia is poised to offer a unique and captivating olfactory experience that resonates with a wide audience and leaves a lasting impression.


A Fresh Addition to the Every Day Line

EVERY DAY ROMÃ E FLOR DE AMORA is the latest expansion of the Every Day line, promising a delightful blend of pomegranate and blackberry flower. This launch is a continuation of Natura’s strategy of introducing limited scents in smaller products before releasing a full line, as seen with the recent hand cream and soap set with the same fragrance.

Sensory Experience and Anticipation

Based on the initial release of the hand cream, EVERY DAY ROMÃ E FLOR DE AMORA is expected to offer a fruity and slightly sweet aroma with a hint of floral undertones. The fragrance is anticipated to be light and appealing, making it an excellent choice for daily use. The upcoming full line, including body sprays and larger hydrating creams, is eagerly awaited by fans of the brand.

The super launch in Cycle 03/2024 by Natura is a clear indication of the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Both LUNA OUSADIA and EVERY DAY ROMÃ E FLOR DE AMORA are set to make a significant impact in the fragrance market. As we await further details on these exciting new products, the anticipation and curiosity among fragrance enthusiasts continue to grow.

Stay tuned for more updates and be ready to explore these new scents as soon as they become available. To get a closer look at the exciting launches in Natura’s Cycle 03/2024, you can browse the online Revista Natura – Ciclo 3/2024 at This will give you an insightful preview into what these new fragrances offer. Additionally, remember to keep an eye out for detailed reviews and first-hand experiences once these products are officially launched to get a comprehensive understanding of their unique characteristics and appeal.