“Tips from Former Smokers” is a national tobacco education campaign in the United States that features real people sharing their personal stories about the health consequences of smoking. These stories aim to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking and encourage people to quit. Here are a few notable stories from former smokers who have participated in the reserve smokes campaign:

  1. Terrie Hall: Terrie was a featured participant in the campaign who shared her story of battling throat cancer caused by smoking. She underwent numerous surgeries and suffered the loss of her voice box. Her powerful story served as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of smoking on one’s health.
  2. Brandon Carmichael: Brandon started smoking at a young age and later developed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He struggled to breathe and had to use supplemental oxygen to go about his daily life. His story illustrated the consequences of smoking-related lung diseases.
  3. Shawn Wright: Shawn was a longtime smoker who developed oral cancer. He underwent disfiguring surgeries to remove the cancerous tissue. His story highlighted the risk of oral cancers associated with smoking and the physical and emotional toll it can take on individuals.
  4. Rebecca: Rebecca’s story revolved around her struggle with smoking during pregnancy. She spoke about the health risks to both the mother and the unborn child, emphasizing the importance of quitting smoking during pregnancy to protect the baby’s health.
  5. Michael: Michael’s story focused on his experience with a heart attack at a relatively young age, which he attributed to his smoking habit. He shared the importance of quitting smoking to reduce the risk of heart disease.

These stories, along with many others featured in the campaign, are intended to motivate and inspire people to quit smoking. They provide a personal and relatable perspective on the consequences of smoking and the potential for positive change when individuals choose to quit.