Marble has been the symbol of aesthetics and durability for humanity for centuries. This special stone, which emerged from nature, has been used in many cultures in various fields from sculptures to building claddings. However, in the marble world, no stone is as famous and special as Carrara marble.

Carrara marble offers the perfect balance of aesthetics and durability, combining the pure beauty of white with the elegance of grey veins.

What is Carrara Marble?


Carrara marble takes its name from the city of Carrara, Italy. This elegant stone is one of the most famous white marbles and has many admirers among architects, sculptors and designers around the world.

Carrara marble is mainly known for its grey veins on a white background. These veins create the unique patterns that make up the aesthetic appeal of the stone. The colour of Carrara marble can range from clean white to pale grey. This diversity allows it to be used in different projects and offers designers a wide creative field.

Carrara marble is extracted from quarries in blocks and processed in Delta Marble Afyonkarahisar factory into slabs and dimensional products. It can also be brought from Italy in 2 and 3 cm slabs upon request.

Carrara Marble Formation and Exit Locations.


Carrara Marble Formation and Origin Places


Carrara marble is mined in the Apuan Alps near the city of Carrara. This region is renowned for producing the purest and most aesthetically appealing forms of marble. Marble quarries carve the white peaks of the Apuan Alps to create this unique stone. Carrara marble has been quarried in these regions for centuries and this long history has created the quality and reputation of the stone.


Carrara Marble Usage Areas


Carrara marble has historically been used in the construction of sculptures and monuments. Especially in the ancient Roman period, this marble was preferred in the construction of many famous works. Today, Carrara marble is used in many areas such as luxury building materials, flooring, countertops, bathroom coverings and wall coverings.


Famous Fans of Carrara Marble


Carrara marble has played a role in the creation of many famous monuments around the world. Michelangelo’s famous sculpture “David” was carved from Carrara marble, and its aesthetic appeal makes this fascinating work even more special. Carrara marble was also frequently used in the work of Mies van der Rohe, one of the leading names in modern design.


Carrara marble offers the perfect balance of aesthetics and durability, combining the pure beauty of white with the elegance of grey veins. This special marble stone from Italy has inspired the world of art and design for centuries and is still at the centre of the most elegant projects today. Carrara marble continues to add elegance to every surface and durability to the test of time.