There are many reasons to choose a suit, whether it’s for your first job interview, graduation, christening, wedding, or a date. Whatever the occasion, getting the right suit is a milestone, and the color should reflect the event. The ideal choice for a versatile, multi-purpose suit is a practical and classic charcoal grey.

Blue is another preferred option—navy for traditionalists, cornflower for the fashion-forward, or perhaps a sharp and classy midnight blue.

For a summer suit, consider pale colors in lightweight materials like linen, cotton, or a cotton blend. The sunnier the day, the brighter the palette you can wear. In anticipation of a beautiful British summer, we recommend our light yellow, blue, tan, grass green, or white striped options.

Similarly, approach winter with the same mindset. The days are likely to be dark and grey, so a dark suit is your best bet to blend in. However, if you want to show some personality, consider a pinstripe or dogtooth check, but be prepared to choose a heavier material like wool or a wool blend, which is ideal for a winter suit.

Keep in mind that you might be wearing the suit daily, so a hard-wearing material will be best suited to handle puddles and raindrops. A heavy-duty wool suit is a classic investment piece that will add warmth and durability.

Regardless of the season or occasion, a crisp white shirt is your safest option for instant smart appeal. Whether you choose linen, silk, or cotton, a white shirt is universally flattering. Take a cue from TV host Dermot O’Leary, who effortlessly pairs a three-piece suit with a pristine white collar. This versatile choice works for countless occasions and complements any suit (waistcoat optional).

We offer a variety of fabrics, so you can be confident that whatever material you choose, it will match your tailored suit. Our range includes herringbone, twill, and broadcloth, and our dedicated shirts team can advise you on the best option for each occasion.

With your shirt and suit sorted, you can add some personality to your look with a tie. Bright ties add a rebellious touch—everything else can be sleek and sophisticated, but a pop of color at the neckline speaks volumes. For a more traditional look, a demure tie in grey, striped, black, or navy tends to work best with the suit palette. If you want to impress, consider matching your socks too!

Simple touches make a lasting impression.