Since we moved into this house, I’ve been frantic to makeover the tile chimney with something more present day.

The marble fireplace actual chimney isn’t really awful however at that point I painted the walls with a refreshed dark paint. When the paint was on, the beige tile encompass just looked obsolete and terrible.

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Above all else I looked on Pinterest for a few motivation and discovered some astounding Carrara marble chimneys that would look astonishing.

What amount does it cost to retile a marble chimney?
I became truly amped up for how astonishing my redesigned chimney would look until I began exploring costs.

As per Improvenet, the typical expense for rebuilding a chimney is somewhere in the range of $390 and $2000.

Considering that my chimney as of now has tile so it would should be taken out then retiled, I wasn’t amazed that a portion of my statements including the carrara marble came it at the better quality.

I realized there must be a less expensive way to makeover the chimney on a careful spending plan. I, first of all, considered painting the tile however I was concerned it would look dreadful and afterward be a torment in the event that I adjusted my perspective.

I then, at that point, however of attempting to retile the chimney myself yet after my tremendous oak steps resurfacing project, I have promised to not begin additional tasks that require days or weeks.

Fortunately I went over the ideal low-spending plan answer for my chimney makeover at the Dollar store, everything being equal! Marble contact paper!

In the event that you have a genuine wood consuming chimney that you really use, this won’t be an extraordinary choice for you however assuming you are searching for an impermanent update, marble contact paper may be your response!

Marble Contact Paper Chimney Makeover
In the kitchen part of my neighborhood Dollarama (Canadian dollar store) I discovered some wonderful marble contact paper.

I had recently utilized it to recuperate an old work area so I realized it was not awful quality and sooo modest.
My chimney is made of marble tiles rather than one long piece of marble and initially I was anticipating simply covering up the tiles to make a consistent chimney with the marble contact paper.

In the end I chose to stay with making strip and stick tiles out the paper for two or three reasons:

Contact paper is so difficult to work with. It’s so tacky and it’s exceptionally difficult to kill air bubbles. I calculated that the more modest pieces would be simpler to put on the current chimney.
I was concerned that the spaces between the tiles would appear on the other side assuming I utilized one enormous piece of contact paper.
Chimney Makeover Guidelines
After cautiously cleaning the chimney and hearth, I estimated each tile and afterward estimated the paper utilizing a ruler. I utilized customary scissors to remove my “tiles”.

Individually, I delicately stripped back about an inch of the sponsorship from the paper then, at that point, utilized a ruler to gradually facilitate the paper onto each tile.

Take as much time as necessary with this as the more slow you go, the less air pockets you should fix later.

carrara marble chimney contact paper

I deliberately cut each tile marginally bigger than the current tile on the chimney and afterward I utilized an Exacto blade to consummate the edges.

I ensured that the veins of the marble design were heading down a similar path for each tile so they looked more consistent and real.

Whenever I was done the chimney encompass, I followed precisely the same cycle for the marble hearth.

For reasons unknown the hearth was somewhat more troublesome, most likely on the grounds that the tiles are a lot bigger.

Project Notes
With everything taken into account, “retiling” the whole chimney with marble contact paper required close to 1 hour of my time.

It was truly simple to do and the contact paper simplifies it to lift and once again place in the event that you commit an error.